Financial resolutions for 2013


Getting finances in order for 2013 is a popular goal for many Americans. Experts, like fi-Plan Partners CEO Greg Powell, say if you start small and remain focused it can be achieved.

"You've got to start somewhere, it's not going to happen overnight," Powell says.

He adds that, first, take stock of where you are and organize a budget.

"Savings, spending. Keep it separated like that so you can really analyze where the stacks are starting to appear," he adds.

Powell also says compile your debts because knowing your current financial situation can help you begin to pay off debt as well as figure out ways to save for retirement and other long-term goals.

Several apps can ease the process of saving and budgeting. helps you track budgets online across financial accounts. Then there's Grocery IQ. This app allows you to scan barcodes of products in the grocery store, then it lets you know if coupons are available for them. Want to save at the pump? Use to find the most affordable gas in your area.

Powell says sharing your goal with a relative or a trusted friend can also help you stay on track.

"You've heard at times when people exercise that they get a workout buddy that makes you show up..." Powell says.

After all, savings can help pay for unexpected expenses. That's why Powell encourages everyone to build up an emergency fund. He says the process of building financial security isn't always easy...but it is possible.

"Don't live in fear and anxiety. You've got to face it, address it, and once you start that process with confidence, that's when you are going to see things change for yourself," Powell advises.