Find the Christmas JOY!


It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... And I can't wait to visit with the ladies at the Jasper First United Methodist Church on Monday.


I am looking forward to reminding them to take care of their own health... During this busy season.

Remember to get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water and try to get a walk in maybe every other day.

Spiritually, don't let the all you have to do for Christmas rob you of your joy.

Every year I dream of getting it all done by Thanksgiving. But every year I am up against the wall trying to get everything completed at the last minute.

But no matter if my list is long or short, I've decided to find the joy in each day. After all that's what the season is all about.

So my Christmas present to you is to remind you, not to let the Grinch rob you of your joy this holiday.

It is about the ones we love, the all the tasks we complete!

God Bless!