Fire Destroys Graysville's Maintenance Building and Equipment

A Northwestern Jefferson county city is now without maintenance equipment. Graysville's maintenance building went up in flames Saturday, destroying the building and the equipment inside. All that's left is yellow tape and charred city owned equipment that cost thousands of dollars.

City councilor Dorothy Hawthorne says fire and heavy smoke was coming from the maintenance building when firefighters arrived. "The heat was too intense, and the fumes were very unpleasant, because I had to move back," says Hawthorne.

The building is directly behind Graysville city hall. It was used to store pickup trucks and heavy duty machines. But now those machines are gone. Nothing was salvaged.

Hawthorne says, "It's surprising, it's shocking, and I'm very hurt. But we know that accidents can occur."

The fire is still under investigation, but it appears that the fire started at the back of the building. She wishes cameras were in place at the time of the incident.

"We got a blind spot, that's another problem."

Nonetheless, she says discussions amongst the mayor, city council and the insurance adjuster will be made this week as Graysville strives to move forward from the flame.

"I feel this we can overcome," says Hawthorne.

An insurance adjuster will take a look at the damage to estimate costs Monday. Graysville city council is expected to discuss the issue Tuesday.