Fire danger rises for Labor Day weekend

Our recent dry weather has created the perfect conditions for fire danger. In fact, just this week, we've had two big wildfires in Jefferson County and firefighters are asking Alabamians to be cautious.

"This is a dry time of the year anyways but it seems like it's been exceptionally dry," Captain David Hambright, Hoover Fire said.

Low humidity and lack of the wet stuff sparked a couple big wildfires just this week - burning hundreds of acres in West Jefferson.

"As dry as it is, going into a holiday weekend, when more people are going to be out at home and using fire, just be careful," Coleen Vansant, Alabama Forestry Commission said. "If there's any doubt, don't strike the match to begin with."

What do those wildfires mean for you? This Labor Day weekend - and the first big Saturday of football season - the danger level is going up.

"It's pretty dangerous," Hambright said. "Very dry conditions. Humidity levels have dropped until just a couple days ago - we just haven't had a lot of rain."

Bottom line: don't burn outdoors. {}

Sot-2.55 to do any type of burning requires a permit, fireworks are banned inside city limits. 5

And if you're lighting up the grill for some football entrees, or planning a barbeque for Labor Day.... {}

"Grill, smoke, have fun, enjoy it, just don't put the ashes leftover out in the yard, don't put them in the trash, in the dumpster, let them completely cool off overnight or submerge them in water then discard of them properly and that will take away the fire hazard," Hambright said.