Fire district warns residents of a scam artist

Cahaba Valley Fire District urges caution because there's a scam artist victimizing homeowners of Shelby and Jefferson Counties.

The perpetrator is a black man, 6'4", and 250 lbs.

Commander Grant Wilkinson says the scammer tells residents that he works for the fire district and offers handyman services. He then tells the victims that he needs money for supplies. The residents comply, giving the money for the supplies. And the imposter never returns with supplies or money.

Wilkinson says the fraud "has swindled several residents out of hundreds of dollars." He does not work for Cahaba Valley Fire District.

If you are approached or if you are a victim, please call Cahaba Valley Fire District at 991-5266 or your local law enforcement agency, Shelby County Sheriff's Office at 669-4181, or Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 325-1450.