Fire Marshal: 2 young children killed in Cleburne County house fire Thursday morning

Two young children died Thursday morning in a house fire in Cleburne County.

Investigators with the sheriff's office said the fire began about 7:30 a.m. at a house on Highway 78 in the Fruithurst community, northeast of Heflin.

There were three adults in the home, along with a three-year-old and a six-year-old.{} Calhoun County chief investigator Michael Gore said Tommy and Bridget Amos suffered non-life threatening injuries.{} Their three-year-old child died at the home.

Paramedics took the Amoses and their six-year-old son to Higgins Hospital in Bremen, Georgia, where the boy died.{} Gore said Bridget Amos' mother was at the home and uninjured.{} The older sister of the children was safe at school.

"When it comes to children it's very difficult to deal with," Gore said.

"It's always a difficult time when there's death involved, but when it's children, it just kind of hits you a little harder."

Firefighters from volunteer departments in Fruithurst, Piney Woods, Abernathy, and Cane Creek responded and stayed on the scene through the middle of the afternoon.{} Cleburne County deputies and emergency medical services also provided assistance.

"They had difficult times relaying water back and forth.{} 21 degree weather yesterday.{} A lot of seepage on the road," Gore said.

"It froze, it impeded traffic, we had officers standing out here for extended amount of time yesterday directing traffic around the ice."

The state fire marshal's office sent investigators Thursday afternoon and more returned to the house Friday morning.

Marshals went through the house with a shovel and a rake to search for smoke detectors and other evidence that could reveal the cause.{} Investigators inspected and photographed frayed and burned wires but did not determine a cause.

An arson dog also sniffed through the ash and rubble, but he did not find anything either.

Gore said investigators do not suspect foul play.

The family was renting the home, and did not have insurance.{} Gore suggested that people who want to help the Amoses contact the American Red Cross.