Fire put out in Talladega College dorm room.

Dozens of Talladega College students will not be staying in their rooms at Crawford Hall Monday night. A dorm room fire forced an evacuation. One student did go to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation.

In the back of Crawford Hall at Talladega College, there's a broken out window on the third floor.

Director of Housing, Ellis Wright, says "We just don't know when they may happen in our residence halls, but we are prepared and trained for stuff like this."

Students evacuated the building before 3 o'clock. The Talladega Fire Department quickly put out a fire contained in{}a dorm room. Talladega College President, Dr. Billy Hawkins, says "The students who are currently occupying that room, they were actually down in the band hall rehearsing for this weekend."

Dr. Hawkins says fortunately everyone got out of the building and with school out for the Summer, not as many students are affected. The third floor has smoke, water and heat damage and is in need or repair. "We'll move remaining students over to other dorms because all of our dorms are vacant."

Wright says "The fire department is coming out tomorrow to do more investigation." Around 50 students will have to re-locate. They're staying on campus until graduation this weekend. Wright says " They will be able to get their stuff tomorrow, but at the same time we're already to doing stuff on behalf of the institution for them, so they will be taken care of."

Dr. Hawkins says, "We're very fortunate, it could have been worse."

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. The fire department will return to Crawford Hall{}Tuesday to continue its investigation.