Fire safety tips: have a plan

Having a plan in the case of a fire can mean the difference between life and death. Not only having that plan, but talking about it with your family members is critical.

A home can be fully involved in a matter of minutes. In some cases, you only have seconds to react and get to safety.

Each escape plan is unique to your home. But it is important to know the ways out of your home. Have a primary and backup way out.

Parents should teach children how to escape in an age-appropriate lesson.{} Part of the escape plan should include a designated meeting place.

Ultimately, if you find yourself in a burning building. Stay low.

Chelsea fire chief Wayne Shirley says, "The key is to be low. Drop low if your house is on fire. Because that's where the good air is. The smoke rises and fills the air quickly. Just drop down to floor level and get good air to breathe until you can get out."

For a home or apartment with two stories, it's recommended to have a fire escape ladder. Those can be purchased at most home improvement stores for around $30.