Fire truck storage in a county building - now in the hands of a district attorney

County leaders are looking at legal action over fire trucks in an EMA warehouse. They say it violates a lease. Firefighters say they didn't know they were doing anything wrong.

We spoke with firefighters who said using a county building was just a temporary solution, but county leaders say they saw something they believed wasn't right and reported it. The case is now in the hands of the district attorney. {}We spoke with members of the "Southern Vintage Fire Apparatus Association." They weren't able to go on camera, but showed us the type of trucks they need storage space for. The group travels the state, going to schools, community events, even Christmas parades. {}"These vintage fire trucks are run by a group of guys that are a great bunch of guys, they're firemen or retired firemen," Joe Knight, Jefferson County Commissioner said.The storage facility they had been leasing was sold and they only had 30 days to find a place to go. {}A connection at the EMA offered a warehouse as a temporary solution and the association paid $7500 to sub-let a portion of the building. There they stored - not only their vintage fire trucks - but equipment owned by the EMA like trailers used to feed thousands during a crisis. {}{}This Summer, county leaders visited the warehouse and reported the group. "We were a little surprised to find old fire trucks in there," Knight said. "We had to report it to the proper authorities and that's what we did.""They needed a place to store them in an emergency situation," Knight said. "They put them in this warehouse, but the problem was, it took up a lot of the warehouse and the mayors should have been informed up front."Concerns were raised that the organization profited from its connections to the Jefferson County EMA - resulting in a less expensive lease. That led to a subpoena of records by the Jefferson County District Attorney's office. {}"It's been reported that this is the elite taking care of the tax-payer- I don't think so at all. Most of the guys in this situation working on these trucks are firemen," Knight said.The fire trucks have since been removed and taken to another warehouse for storage.