Firefighters battling brutal temperatures overnight

In the winter up north, firefighters battle brutal temperatures, snow and ice on a daily basis. As the winter weather blankets Alabama, Birmingham firemen said the conditions could pose some challenges.

"The formation of ice on our equipment, the formation of ice on the ground causing slippery conditions, and malfunctioning of equipment," said Birmingham Fire and Rescue Lt. Jason Ingram.{}

Firefighters battled several fires Monday, and there were no problems. But with temperatures in the single digits, there is a cause for concern.

"When we have an apparatus idling outside for a long period of time, and they're not actively pumping at a fire, we have to engage our fire pumps on the apparatus to keep the pumps from freezing," added Lt. Ingram.

Remember: many fires can be prevented. In approximately one third of fires last month in Birmingham, space heaters were involved.