Firefighters ok after falling through floor of burning home

{}{} Two Northport firefighters are doing fine after falling through the floor of a burning home this morning.

{}{} It happened in the 1900 block of 22nd Avenue.

{}{}{} The family of six had escaped the home when firefighters arrived.{} "The family said they heard a pop and saw the smoke then got out.{} When we arrived the home was filled with smoke so we're having a hard time getting to the fire."

{}{}{}{} But, when the smoke slightly cleared firefighters went inside.{}{} They had no idea the home had cellar or basement below the floor.{} A part of it gave way and one firefighter fell through -- then the other while trying to pull his fellow firefighter out.{} The second firefighter hurt his shoulder and both went to the hospital to be checked out.{} They were released later in the afternoon.

{}{}{} Meanwhile, Santos Cacarias and his family were renting the home.{}{} He says they have no idea how the blaze started but did mention they had problems with an electrical box last week. "I called the people to fix it [electrical box] but I don't know what happened today," said Cacarias.

{}{}{}{} Their landlord has already placed them in another home.

{}{}{}{} We're told the injured firefighters will be ok.