Fireworks and firearms ordinance enforcement priority for BPD

Fact:{} What goes up, must come down.{} Fact:{}If you fire a gun while celebrating this 4th of July, withinBirmingham city limits, and that bullet wounds or kills someone, BirminghamPolice will arrest you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

TheBirmingham Police will be targeting the unlawful use of fireworks and dischargeof firearms during the days surrounding the July 4th Holiday.

The Birmingham Police Department will have additional officers and supportpersonnel out in force to help combat and enforce the fireworks and firearmsordinances of the city. {}The operationwill utilize the Shot Spotter System as well as citizen complaints to targetoffenders. {}Officers will also be placedin strategic locations throughout the city to address the illegal activity. Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper states, "Our goal is to help ensurecitizen's have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend without the fear of injuryfrom illegal behavior."

BirminghamPolice are asking that citizens refrain from using fireworks and shooting theirweapons during this year's celebration. {}If you see someone firing a gun, call the police.{}{}