Fireworks Safety In Dry Conditions

Rain has definitely eased some concern over dry conditions for the holiday week, but firefighters are continuing to monitor the situation in Leeds where a brief ban on fireworks was withdrew last year just in time for the fourth.Business is booming at the TNT Supercenter in Leeds, even though the fourth falls on a Wednesday this year. The manager says dry conditions are on their mind too, a reason they're encouraging safety even in the check out line.It's an all too familiar issue this time of year!{} Leeds Fire Chief Allen Pierce says "Be safearound fireworks." When you add dry conditions to the mix, Pierce says{} "We'll be out monitoring and watching and if there are any problems, we'll ask for a special council meeting." Pierce says fireworks are safe at this point thanks to some rain. The last ban was in 2007 because of drought conditions, but here's the main concern now. "Keep a safe distance from vegetation, wooded areas."The TNT Supercenter knows all about this issue. Manager Shelton Stalls says "This is our 11th year here. I think maybe 2 or 3 years where we haven't had some spells of dryness, so it's kind of always a concern." A concern usually addressed with some common sense. "Read the directions, use a flat surface, and stay away from trees, building and power lines."It's good advice, helping you have an earth shaking, fireworks show that's just awesome to the last blast!