Fireworks sales slow this Independence Day

Sgt. Corey Pisecrita has missed several Independence Days. Being home this Fourth of{}July is a special treat. Getting some free fireworks at Crazy Ken's is the cherry on top.

" It means a lot," said Pisecrita{}"{}A lot of people don't realize how hard it is to leave your family. I have two little kids at home, so it means a lot."{}The owner of the shop wouldn't have it any other way.{}"{}Because without them we're not celebrating the 4th of July," said Lamar Sims{}Truth be told, the fireworks business is off a bit this year.{} The holiday has fallen on a Wednesday, traditionally bad news in this business. Plus, dry weather has scared business off, but{}sales have been picking today.{}" We've been blessed. we had rain Sunday night, Monday and yesterday. People feel more comfortable shooting fireworks because it's safer," said Sims{}That has 12 - year old Aaron Ledbetter all fired up {}" I 've got some Moon Travelers and Crazy Eyeballs. The Eyeballs{}spin around in circles and shoot out sparks and flames.{}I think they are amazing," said Ledbetter.{}The young man, shopping with his{}sister and grandmother,{}{}says {}fireworks may be amazing, but that's not what make this day fun.{}" Spending time with your family; you get to accept freedom"