First Annual City Wide Motorcycle & Car Ride Against Violence

There have been eleven homicides in the last two weeks. One group tried to bring attention to the violence through the first annual city wide motorcycle and car ride against violence.

Around 50 motorcycles and 20 cars left W.C. Patton Park to spread awareness that it's time to stop the violence.

A hearse led the way to show the end result of violence. The ride went throughout the city and lasted around 40 minutes. The group Youth Against Violence has been planning the ride for three months before the recent string of homicides. Organizers believe the ride can make difference and encourage people to talk to one another in their community and promote peace. the group also wants to let young people know there are other ways to resolve conflicts without weapons.

Dwayne Thompson with Youth Against Violence says, "The actual motor bikes brings on a whole other look{}for the children that you never see in the community and lets them know there is hope and there is something they can do other than violence in the area."

The ride ended with food and fellowship at the park. Organizers hope it will continue every year and gain more people.