First Baptist Church of Birmingham holds special concert

Members of the First Baptist Church of Birmingham continue to pray for the family of Karen Shahan. Her husband, former Associate Pastor, Richard Shahan, is charged with her murder.

Sunday night, the church held a special concert to help move past the tragedy.

People packed the sanctuary as the Interim Minister of Music, Joe Hopkins, and his wife presented an evening of praise. Hopkins says everyone is doing their best to move forward since the tragedy and the concert was simply a time of praise for the church.

"We're just doing our best to be the church we're suppose to be, which for us means we're going to focus on ministering to one another and that's a lot of what a concert is about."

Joe Hopkins says music is vital to members of First Baptist Church of Birmingham. Sunday night, dozens attended a concert lead by him and his wife.

"We just wanted to have a good time together as a family and invite others to come and join with us." Amy Owen has been a church members for 10 years.

Owen says, "It was a time to focus on the positive and to laugh. They did a humorous number and it was a joyful night, so it was really and I'm sure good and helped with healing process."

The concert gave church members a time to smile and worship following tragedy.

Owen says, "We have experienced a tragic, very traumatic event. But, as true believers do, we trust in Jesus Christ and we have peace and a joy that as scripture tells us is unexplainable."

She also says church members are just trying to forge ahead following Karen Shahan's death in July. Her husband, former Associate Pastor, Richard Shahan, is now charged with her murder.

"We certainly do pray for her family, just have tried to love and support her family."

While continuing to support each other -- and focusing on the road ahead.

Hopkins says, "I am so proud of this church. they're a phenomenal group and they've done a super job and the spirit here is fantastic. I have great, great hope in where First Baptist is headed."

The church plans on starting a series of concerts the first sunday of each month.

Richard Shahan is under house arrest after making bond January 17th. His{}next court date is February 5th.

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