Downtown Birmingham set to bid adieu to the old Adams Inn as demolition prep work begins

Crews began demolition prep work at the old Adams Inn in downtown Birmingham, Saturday, February 22, 2014. (

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --{} A condemned building in downtown Birmingham could soon come down. Crews have now started prepping the old Adams Inn for demolition. It's the site of a string of recent fires, one of them, fatal.

Mayor William Bell issued an emergency declaration for the inn's demolition. Saturday crews with Swanson Enterprises spent the day doing asbestos removal and those who work in the area were glad to see them at the site.

It's a sign of progress at the old Adams Inn.

Evelyn Johnson Kennedy says, "It made me feel happy cause something is being accomplished."

Customers and employees at DK's Exotic Cuts and neighboring barber shop are happy to know clean-up is underway to prepare for demolition.

Christopher Parker says "It makes the city look bad. It really needs to go."

To make way for something new. Parker says, "It will be a great thing to do something down here that's going to assist us and not degrade the area."

Adams Inn has been the site of at least 3 fires, a place where authorities say the homeless have spent nights. "We had a death there a few weeks ago and a fire last summer."

Jeanne Johnson, who works at 4th Avenue Car Care Center, says the site is also hazardous to the community. "We were looking forward to having the building come torn down because there's a lot of homeless people living there and they come over here asking for money. We know that some of them have broken into some cars."

Police will be monitoring the property until the building is demolished, but just this first step has people already thinking ahead.

London Garcia, "I'm ready to see it gone and something new over there, maybe a new restaurant, but I would love a beauty supply."

Even though the clean-up is underway, we've learned it might be a few more weeks until the actual demolition begins.