"The Fish Market" catches fire in downtown Birmingham

Restaurant owner, George Sarris, received a call that The Fish Market was on fire while he was having lunch with his family for father's day. Luckily, the restaurant was closed when the fire started.{} "As long as nobody is hurt, everything else will be okay," says Sarris.

The only damage is inside the building. Battalion Fire Chief Tye Gober says firefighters controlled a small fire but wouldn't say where or how it got started. "I don't know exactly the isolation of where the problems arouse or where the fire got started," says Gober.

Throughout the afternoon, firefighters check the building making sure smoke is evacuated. Firefighters did not release where or how the fire got started. All the while,{}management plans to clean up the mess in time to open. {}

Sarris says, "I'm sure there is more water damage than structural damage. But regardless, it's going to take about a half a day or a day to clean it up."

The fire is still under investigation.