Birmingham city councilman calling for action following park shooting

Exactly one week after a 15-year-old boy was shot in Railroad Park.. a Birmingham city councilman called for an end to the violence. Jonathan Austin stood near the spot where Jarmaine Walton was found when he announced a plan to prevent crime from happening in parks.

First more security, now another call for action, just one week after police say someone shot Jarmaine Walton in Railroad Park. "There was someone out here that saw the individual shoot and what we're asking for is for those individuals to step forward and tell who did it." Birmingham City Councilman Jonathan Austin is asking citizens to take some sort of responsibility making sure parks stay safe by staying alert and by even volunteering.

Austin says "The city of Birmingham now has a citizens on patrol which operated in your neighborhoods. We just graduated a class, but what I'm asking is we expand that citizens on patrol to cover our parks." Forming a citizens brigade to be in parks throughout the city, seven days a week.

Austin says it's been an unfortunate week in Birmingham. After the shooting in Railroad Park Sunday, police handled four other homicides throughout the city. From a body discovered in an alley on 8th Avenue South to the shooting death of a 2-year-old boy on 8th Avenue Southwest. "Our response should not be to turn over and turn a blind eye, but our response should be to open our eyes and mouths."

Austin says he would also like to see police dogs rotating throughout parks, trained at sniffing gun powder. Just one more additional step, he hopes, will keep families say.

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