Five-year-old boy still in bunker; Community mourns slain bus driver

The funeral for slain bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr. was held on Sunday, February 3, 2013. (

Hundreds of people in Dale County said goodbye to a local hero, Sunday.

The funeral of school bus driver Charles "Chuck" Poland, Jr. was at the Ozark Civic Center.

It was a day to remember the man that many knew as a bus driver. Others, however, knew him as a father, husband, friend...and a man of God.

"The most important event that ever happened in Chuck's life was not Tuesday afternoon," Poland's preacher, Rev. Charles Littlefield, said. "The most important event was the day he met the Lord Jesus."

Poland's family huddled together, listening to the compliments and the kind words from both locals and the entire state of Alabama.

"We commend and celebrate his immeasurable life," Sen. Harri Ann Smith said.

Smith represented the Poland family with a resolution honoring their loved one.

The community now prays that Poland is watching over the five-year-old boy who is still in that bunker 12 feet below the ground.

According to the FBI, the line of communication remains to be open and constant with accused kidnapper, Jimmy Lee Dykes. Also, the media was told items like a red, Hot Wheels car and Cheezits crackers, along with food and medicine are still being delivered to the child.

Police say Dykes "continues to make the environment as comfortable as possible for the child."