Five year old girl dead after being hit by a truck near Tuscaloosa

Scene where 2 children were hit on Sunday afternoon (

Five year old Jamiya Wilder has died after she was hit by a vehicle in the Tuscaloosa area.

Tuscaloosa police say the girl was walking on 25th Avenue, near 4th Street with a 14 year old girl.

Both children were hit by a truck around 2:00 Sunday afternoon.

The driver of the truck took them to DCH Regional Medical Center, where the five year old died.

The 14-year old other girl survived although she's had a tire run over her{} her stomach.

Relatives say -- five year old Jamiya Dudley's smile could brighten anyone's day... But, it's a sad day.

She left her aunts apartment Sunday walk home with a 14-year old family friend...but, they never made it.

"I was looking for them they called me and told me they were walking in the rain so. Then, her mother and step father told me they just got hit."

Police say the two girls were crossing 25th avenue in the Alberta City Community when a pick up truck turning off 4th street hit them.{} Jamiya was killed.

"They were trying to run across the road, but he pulled out so fast and hit them," says Lakicia Shaw, Jamiya's guardian.

Jamiya's family knows the driver of the pick-up and truly believes he *was not* at fault. Her family members say the road is dangerous. There are blind spots on both ends and the heavy rainfall at the time made visibility more challenging...

"When you're coming up that hill, you just got to pull out because you know those cars be flying."

{}Still, Jamiya's Aunt says what if.. "I {}felt bad because Ii feel like I should have told them to stay here instead of walking back across the roadway in the condition of the weather.

{}{}{} In the meantime -- family members are reflecting on the memories the cheerful little girl they called 'Miya' left behind.

"She could just bust out when everyone was quiet ---ha, ha, haa -- she'd say tee-tee you rember this...i hit you..(laughs)."

{}{} Tuscaloosa Police are still investigating the accident but say it appears no charges will be filed.