Flooded roads and structures in St. Clair County

Flooding at the Pell City Lakeside Park Saturday, May 18, 2013.

The St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency has released a list of flooded roads and structures due to heavy rains overnight and Saturday morning.

The Pell City Community Center experienced significant flooding while six homes sustained minor flooding.

Flooded Roads


Annie Lee Road

Browning Road

Pell City:

Highway 78 West in Eden in area to Interstate 20

Mineral Springs Road


Highway 174 Ragland:

Woodsbend Road, Valley Road, Cherokee Road and Blue Springs Road

Friendship Community:

Evergreen Road near entrance to Beaver Ridge subdivision

Cook Springs Cut-Off Road between Mountain Top Loop and Wolf Creek Road

Cook Drive between US 78 and Cook Springs Road.

Flooded Structures in Pell City

Six homes in the Fox Hollow Subdivision

Community Center Flooded-405 19th St S Pell City