Flooding damages several homes in Pelham

Otis Bivins had just finished giving his baby daughter, Ziva, her midnight feeding.{} It was then, parts of his house in Pelham just seemed to collapse around him.

"There was so much outside that it just burst through and filled up this room so quick," says Bivins. "After I fed her, I heard a noise. And the next thing you know the walls, the bottoms parts of the walls are caving in and water was flooding into my house. It took about 15 seconds to fill up."Once the waters started rushing in, Bivins and his wife scrambled to get their daughter to safety."We got the diaper bag and we got to the door, but we couldn't open the door from the pressure of the water," Bivins recalls. "So I finally pried it open and the pressure of the water knocked my wife back and somehow we got out of here."All around the Saddle Run neighborhood in Pelham, evidence of the early morning flood remains.

Backyard fences, knocked down by the force of the rushing water. Yard furniture scattered with debris. Concrete post foundations nearly washed away.

James Jackson, a resident of Saddle Run remembers hearing the storm blow in. Within a matter of minutes, his backyard was a lake.

"After we noticed the river coming up, it raised up another two to three feet within 10 to 15 minutes, it was raining that hard that fast," says Jackson.

Jackson's house was spared, but he knows how close he came. "As luck would have it, our house was saved because it sits on a cross-basin and six more inches taller, it would of been inside the interior," says Jackson.For Bivins, he says if it weren't for his daughter's midnight feeding, the unthinkable could of happened.

"If my baby would have been in this bed, she would of drowned, because we would of never knew," Bivins says. "The only time we get up is when we hear her, hear the monitors. That lets us know that she's up, she's ready to be fed."