Flooding rescue at Lakeshore Garden apartments

Lakeshore Garden apartment took a hard hit this morning. People awoke to water in their homes.{} Homewood police and firefighters made boat rescues until everyone made it out safely.

More than 120 people were either rescued, or checked on to make sure they were alright.

Some panicked and had difficulty breathing, but they're all okay. Rescue crews became the heroes as the situation here quickly escalated.

"I freaked out and jumped out of the bed. There was water coming in. Within a matter of a few minutes, my back doors busted open and a foot of water came flying in my apartment," says Monique Hahn.

Hahn and her mother Pat both live at Lakeshore Garden.

The sights and sounds from this morning's flood won't soon be forgotten. The water had risen so quickly that crews had to move residents from the first floor to the second floor until further efforts could be coordinated. "Everyone had to wait upstairs because police had everyone leave from the bottom stairs apartments," says Hahn. "Everyone from upstairs was taking people from the downstairs into their homes. Everybody was great neighbors and really helping each other."Taylor Howard and her daughter Ava were asleep when the chaos began. "I heard screams from neighbors. (We) had to walk in the water. I was scared. I was just hoping that I wouldn't fall in the water with (Ava)."Rescue crews took motorized rafts into the flooded areas to evacuate the residents still stranded. This morning's rescue efforts also involved getting pets out of their owner's apartments. Boating the four legged friends to shore. Monique Hahn is thankful that everyone was alright. But this is one experience she could do without. "I'm not moving back to a downstairs floor apartment. If I do move back to (Lakeshore Garden) apartments, I'm moving upstairs."

The American Red Cross has set up a shelter at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Homewood.

This afternoon, nearly 75 people had checked into the shelter. But many have found friends and family to stay with tonight.

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