Focus @ 4 Update: Local woman finds birth family

Photo of Rita Bradford holding two poster boards, asking Facebook users to share the page and help her find her family.

We want to share the best of all updates to a story we first brought you on Focus @ 4. More than a year ago, a woman from Warrior, Alabama wrote on our Facebook page.

Rita Bradford asked that we do a story on people who are looking for their birth families. Bradford has spent the past 15 years searching for her's. But now her search is over, she found her birth family.

Just two weeks ago, Bradford turned to Facebook and set up a page called Rita's Adoption Search. Holding two poster boards, she asked users to share the page and help her find her family. Bradford says, within the first hour of the posting, the page went viral. She received 100 private Facebook messages and more than 2,000 likes.

Last week, a woman whose uncle was married to Bradford's birth sister reached out. The two exchanged information. Soon after, Bradford's brother called.

"I bursted into tears, not a day went by that I did not pray at least twice a day for him, or my birth family, just any of them. I knew my faith would get me through because God did not just keep opening doors just to say no," Bradford says.

Her mother is deceased. But she has a brother and a sister. They are planning a reunion soon. Focus @ 4 will be the only show at the meeting that is sure to be an emotional moment for the entire family.