Food Allergy & Ticks

Doctors have discovered a new food allergy.{} The culprit-- a tick.

{}{}University of Virginia researchers say, {}they have seen several cases of patients being bit by a "lone star" tick.

And next thing you know, the next time they eat one of their favorite foods they suffer an allergic reaction.

Dr. Thomas Platts-Mills says, "It's a completely new form of food allergy in which you eat beef or pork or lamb and three or four hours later you develop hives."

The allergy was first discovered in 2006.

Researchers are still trying to figure out what exactly causes the allergy.

They believe you can prevent it {}by protecting yourself from getting a tick bite.

When you go outdoors, use insect repellant with deet.

And be sure to check yourself for ticks when you go inside.