Food bank creates junior board

Photo courtesy of Community Food Bank of Central Alabama Facebook page.

Fighting hunger in Alabama is a daily battle.

To put food into hungry mouths it takes many working parts. Food drives, fundraising, and volunteers with feet on the ground.

The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama has a staff of 15 people. That's one of the lowest in the country. Without its volunteers there's no way it could work.

A new plan is to keep feeding the organization with young volunteers.

"We have really wanted to connect with that demographic of the 20 to 30 to 40 something age range, to really help us get the word out," says Mary Michael Kelley.

Kelley is executive director of the food bank. She believes a junior board will help the food bank and other pantries 'stock up.'

Brian Hoffman is founder and president of the community food bank's junior board. After nine months in the making, Hoffman is happy to say the board will launch next month.{}"We want to get the young professional community involved with the food bank. Contributing various talents and professional experiences to what will become a junior board. That's functioning in a fundraising effort and awareness raising for the food bank," explains Hoffman.Kelley says the board will also help raise awareness of other "food-related" issues in Alabama. "For us, we think it's a great way for folks who might have an interest in the food community, and in healthy eating and anti-obesity efforts, and all those different things to be able to plug in to something that's trying to address those issues," she says.Hoffman hopes to have as many as 30 members on the board, which will meet monthly. Anyone wanting to make a difference is encouraged to get involved. "If you are passionate about the community and you are passionate about ending hunger in Alabama, and making a difference, then this is an opportunity I would encourage anyone to seek out," says Hoffman.

For more information on how to join, click here.