Food Labels & Weight Loss

Want to be thinner?{} Then don't forget your reading glasses when you go grocery shopping.

A new study suggests people who read food labels while they grocery shop are thinner than people who don't.

Women, in particular, weighed nearly 9 pounds less than women who didn't checked nutritional labels.

Nutrition labels include the amount of calories, sodium, fats, and fiber, protein in a serving.

The study found people who most careful about reading food labels are folks who live in cities, and people with high school and college educations. Researchers noted smokers paid little attention to the nutritional information on foods.

The research revealed seventy-four percent of women, compared to fifty-eight percent of men took the time to read labels.{} White women who lived in cities read food labels most often.

An international team of scientists analyzed the data of more than 25,000 observations on health, eating and shopping habits from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey.