Foods that help weight loss


Losing weight is never easy. {}Keeping it off is often harder. {}However, there are foods you can include in your diet may that actually promote weight loss. Dietitians say foods like string cheese will not only help you satisfy cravings, but will also keep you feeling full, longer.{}"String cheese is like a wonderful, wonderful, perfect diet food. The reason for this is number one, it doesn't have any carbohydrates. You're not going to get any blood sugar fluctuations. It's easy to transport, so it's a really quick snack that you can have. It's a lean protein, which satisfies us," said Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D. from the Cleveland Clinic.Kirkpatrick and other dieticians say stock up on apples and pears. Studies have shown women who eat three apples or three pears a day were more likely to lose weight. {}The fiber they provide makes you feel fuller, longer. {}Another tip, try ditching the salt for black pepper. a component in black pepper may block the formation of new fat cells. {}That component is called piceatannol and 100% natural peanut butter has it too. {}Piceatannol fights fat cell formation.If you need a snack, Kirkpatrick suggests popcorn. "Air-popped popcorn, or even cooking a little bit of popcorn on the stove with oil, for about 3 cups it's only about 100 calories. You get so much. You get that crunch, which a lot of people are looking for in their late-night snack. It fills you up with fiber and a new study has also shown the hull of popcorn actually has more antioxidants than certain fruits and vegetables."Slowly digested foods like lentils also help with weight loss. {}Dieticians say they help increase a hormone that regulates the metabolism of fat and sugar.