Football staff doing all they can to keep campers cool

Over 50 football campers stomped on Dora high school's field to participate in the Chavis Williams football camp. Camper Rilee Brasfield says, "It's hot, that's why we have the water bottles and we drink them, and then we squirt them on our heads."

The extremely high temperatures played a tough offensive game, but Williams says he and the other coaches are doing all they can to keep them cool. Williams says, "Safety is the most important thing out here, due to the heat, it's pretty hot out here."

What these campers don't realize is that when it becomes too hot outside, the game changes. Coaches judge whether a child is overheated by watching how they act. Williams says, "If any kid gives a sign that he looking too hot, we just sit him down for like five minutes so they won't pass out."

The coaches and volunteers pulled off a successful camp, not just on teaching football skills and fundamentals, but to ensure that each and every player's health safety was the top priority. Fortunately, no children were injured due to the heat, this is the first year Chavis Williams has hosted the football camp.