Matters of Faith 9-18-12 Forgiving a 49 year old wrong

This past weekend, marked the 49th year since the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.

Four girls died in that bombing:

Carole Robertson, Denise Mcnair, Cynthia Wesley and Addie Mae Collins.

Sarah Collins Rudolph... Addie Mae's sister was documented by prosecutors in the case to be the fifth girl in the lounge when the bomb went off.

Sarah is still blind in one eye from debris from the blast.

Bernadine Layton was also in the church.

She has a story of forgiveness.

Bernadine Layton says, "I told Cynthia and the other girls to come out of the bathroom. they didn't come out."

And she says she warned her friends to hurry to the sanctuary or they would be late for the service.

That's when the bomb went off.

Bernadine Layton is now speaking out about that day... and the healing she says she received from God.

Bernadine says: "I'm glad... to let people know we have to love each other it doesn't matter the color of our skin our heart is red our blood is red and God loves us no matter what..... he always says I forgive you got to trust me.... I'm trusting him he made me a promise he'd always be there.

The Sunday School lesson that morning before the bomb was... a love that forgives.


Bernadine: "it's important for me to forgive because I want to go to Heaven I want to see Jesus I want to walk in wellness mind body and soal I don't forgive for you I forgive for me.

She says she even forgives those who carried out the bombing... including Bob Cherry who was convicted of his role in the bombing.

Bernadine. "There's good in everybody even Bob Cherry

I have to cuz if I didn't I might get angry. I pray he has asked God for forgiveness I pray ... other side the side that says I'm sorry lord help me."


Bernadine Layton is now helping a faith project called Re digging The Wells..... It's a movement to bring healing and unity to the city....

you can see more of her story on Re digging The Wells. dot org web site.