Forum set for Tuscaloosa City School Board candidates


Tuscaloosa-Voice of Teachers and Educators (T-VOTE) will host a forum for candidates to the Tuscaloosa City Schools Board of Education. This forum is scheduled for Tuesday,July 30th, 2013 at 6:00pm in the Central High School Auditorium. T-VOTE has invited every candidate who filed to run."As the interest group representing the teachers, administrators, and educational support personnel of the Tuscaloosa City Schools, it is imperative that we involve ourselves in the election of the Tuscaloosa City School Board," stated Nick Rose Chairperson of T-VOTE. "The Board of Education is a group of individuals who are responsible for the hiring of a superintendent, chief financial officer, and the reviewing the policy recommendations of those two individuals. Educators should always pay close attention to the views of candidates, in particular the views of {}candidates who impact education. This point has become painfully clear in the legislative agenda we have seen coming from Montgomery upon late. This forum, is an opportunity for teachers, administrators, and support personnel to seek answers to the questions that we all have regarding the facilities we work in, the students we service, and specific issues regarding our profession."T-VOTE is the political action committee associated with the following Tuscaloosa City School's AEA affiliates: The Professional Educators of Tuscaloosa (PET) and Tuscaloosa- Educational Support Personnel (T-ESP).


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