Former Alabama Democratic Party chairman forms new Democratic group

A new organization for democrats in Alabama. Mark Kennedy resigned as chair of the Democratic Party and announced the formation of a new organization called The Alabama Democratic Majority.

Kennedy insists this new organization will not divide the party, but will do just the opposite. He says the new organization will be inclusive.

The Alabama Democratic Majority was formed to recruit and elect qualified candidates to serve in public office in Montgomery and throughout the state. However, Kennedy does admit he and the executive board of the Alabama Democratic Party do not share ideas about what it takes for democrats to win elections in Alabama.

"We believe that it's going to take organizing at the local level. It's going to take having a conversation with voters and the people of Alabama, talking about issues that are important to working class families," said Kennedy.

Kennedy says he wants to be clear that the Alabama Democratic Majority is not a political party, and does not stand in opposition to the Alabama Democratic Party. But he says it will ask the party to support inclusiveness.

Several other people left the Alabama Democratic Party to join Kennedy's new organization .

Representatives Richard Lindsey, Rod Scott, Jefferson County treasurer Mike Miles, and several local judges including Houston Brown, and Judge Deborah Bell Paseur were in attendance to support Kennedy's new organization.