Former Auburn football player Heath Evans voices criticism of Chizik, program

Former Auburn football player Heath Evans practicing in 2007 while playing for the New England Patriots. (AP)

Former Auburn fullback Heath Evans voiced his displeasure with the current state of the Tigers' football program during a radio interview with Kevin Scarbinsky on ESPN 973 The Zone in Birmingham on Friday. Scarbinsky wrote an article on about the interview.

Evans said he saw Auburn's disastrous season coming in 2011, shortly after the Tigers won the national championship, while working out with some of the team during the NFL lockout. He witnessed a team that was missing many important traits that he feels is crucial to being successful, not only in football, but in life in general.

"Discipline, structure, accountability, and most importantly, mental and physical toughness," he said. "It's non-existent. It's absolutely pathetic, and I know those are harsh words, but see, the thing about mental and physical toughness is, they're created. They really are. I can show you the man that looks the biggest and the toughest, and most likely, I can put him in some circumstances where he'd crumble. Great coaches know how to make great men, and they're built."

Evans, who retired from the NFL after 10 seasons, believes the players have been "coddled and babied" by the current coach staff, including head coach Gene Chizik.

"It's not good for these kids' character." Evans said. "It's not good for them as future fathers, not good for them as future businessmen to take it easy on them. This world we live in is a tough, demanding world so we can lovingly put a lot of pressure on these kids. I just don't think that's being done."

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