Update: Former Birmingham Police Officer sentenced to 100 years in Prison

Curtis Thornton shown inside the courtroom during his sentencing Thursday, July 25, 2013. (

"A lot of people were hurt," George Chrysoverges said. "His family, children especially close to him...his family was hurt."

But now, Chrysoverges hopes that hurt will heal.

Thursday, 28-year-old Curtis Thornton, the man Chrysoverges's daughter was once engaged to, learned his fate.

100 years in prison.

It's punishment for a handful of arson, attempted arson and criminal mischief charges that Thornton was convicted of.

"He could have received anything between probation and 100 years, based on consecutive terms," Thornton's lawyer, Brett Hamock, said.

But what might have been the most influential factor in the judge's decision was Thornton himself.

When Chrysoverges testified that Thornton had hurt his entire family, Thornton stood, often rolling his eyes and looking amused.

"That was an indication of how arrogant he is," Chrysoverges said. "That was just his arrogance."

The court also played a recording of a phone call that took place in the Jefferson County Jail on July 15, where Thornton said "I'll tell everyone in the courtroom to kiss my [expletive] [expletive] before I apologize and ask for mercy."

"I think what happened was his arrogance," Chrysoverges said. "The telephone call where he illustrated what he was not going to ask for, I think that sealed the case."

"I think it was pretty clear the phone call did not help anyone and didn't help his defense in any way or form," Hamock said.

Chrysoverges says now that this is over all that matters is healing the family.

"We have a child by him, also," he said. "My daughter does. So, we're going to go home and take care of him."

Thornton also has pending possession of child pornography charges against him. Hamock, who has excused himself as Thornton's lawyer for those charges, says he expects that case to move forward very soon.

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