Former co-workers say murdered woman was harmless

Former coworker of Ragsdale, Angela Wright. (


A memorial service has been planned for Kate Ragsdale this Saturday at 2pm at Christ Episcopal Church in Tuscaloosa.

Sources say her body may be released to be laid to rest by this weekend.



48-hours after finding 73 year old Kate Ragsdale's body, investigators were back Tuesday{}combing weeds next to Ragsdale's driveway University Boulevard.

{}{}{} "I just can't imagine anyone...I mean everybody loved Kate. She was just one of those people," says Angela Wright, a former co-worker of Ragsdale.{} Wright worked with Ragsdale during her time as librarian at the University of Alabama.

{}{}{} Wright says -- Ragsdale was a dedicated employee who worked her way up into an important position within the campus libraries. "A clerical position, then she got her library degree and became a librarian and then she became the planning officer."

{}{}{}{}{}Ragsdale played a big role in helping to re-develop U-A's business library.{} Even after retiring, Ragsdale stayed involved.{} "She was just high energy.{}She was just involved in a lot of things. I don't think retirement slowed here down at all"

{}{}{}{} News that Ragsdale was murdered really shook the Capstone.{}

{}{}{}{} Ragsdale's home --which is now a horrifying crime scene-- is in Tuscaloosa Councilman Kip Tyner's district. "She really looked out for the neighborhood," commented Tyner.

{}{}{}{} Tyner had been friends with Ragsdale since the 1980's.{} "Any type of tragedy like this is horrible. But, to happen to someone who was such an upstanding member of the community is double tragic to me"

{}{}{}{} That's why{}--the fact she was killed is so difficult - for her former co-workers to understand.{}{} "Just her upbeat personality. Her enthusiasm for whatever she was doing. Her advocacy of different things in the community."