Former FBI agents helps profile killer in Ragsdale case

Kate Ragsdale

{}{}{} Homicide detectives in Tuscaloosa are still wrestling with an approximate time - Kate Ragsdale was killed.{} The former University of Alabama Librarian was found dead in her home in The Highlands community off University Boulevard.

{}{} "There are some inconsistencies mainly between neighbors.{} Some are a{}little confused about the last time they saw her," said Captain Loyd Baker of Tuscaloosa's Metro Homicide Unit.

{}{}{} Police believe Ragsdale was killed days before her body was discovered.

{}{}{} They tell ABC 33/40 have some credible leads coming in, but have not been able to key in on an particular individual as a supsect.

{}{}{} Investigators have asked{}a former FBI profiler to help give them a mental picture of{}who the killer might be.

{}{}{} Today,{}homicide investigators released the following press release:{}

{}{}{}{} "The murder of Kate Ragsdale continues to be a priority for the Homicide Unit. A great deal of progress has been made regarding the crime scene investigation and evidence processing. Investigators continue to canvass the area to solicit information from residents. Area video surveillance footage is also being collected and analyzed. Dozens of leads have been cleared and others are being still being followed up on.

{}{}{}{}{} Investigators have also contacted and met with Charles Dorsey, retired FBI Agent and former criminal profiler. We have discussed the case at length with him. Based on the crime scene and the assessment of Kate Ragsdale's death, Dorsey's initial analysis indicates that it is "likely that the offender was young in age and lived in close proximity to the Ragsdale residence." It is also probable that that the "offender walked to and from the crime scene." The profile indicates this individual was familiar with this location. The offender appears to exhibit an "extreme lack of criminal sophistication." It should be noted that NO potential suspect should be eliminated based on this profile alone.

{}{}{}{}{} An important factor in the profile is that the offender most likely will be displaying tremendous behavioral changes in the days following this horrific event. This behavior change will be obvious to the offender's, peers, friends and family. Investigators are asking these people to contact them with this information. "