Former officer gives up job for son, family


Michael Campbell says it was on a family vacation, he and his wife learned their son, Jay, was suffering from type 1 diabetes.{}"He had had the signs of type 1 diabetes that we didn't realize. We had no history of it. It wasn't in our family. It was nothing we thought about. We just thought he was getting sick," said Campbell.{}{}It was at that moment life as Michael and Mary Campbell knew it changed. {}This was a two career family. {}Now, someone had to be with Jay 24-hours a day monitoring his blood sugar and any unusual behavior.{}Michael Campbell, an officer with the Homewood police department, decided to turn in his badge and gun and stay home with his son.{}"He has to have injections throughout the day in order to survive," said Campbell. {}Campbell monitors his sons' condition all day and night. {}He has to prick Jay's finger at least 10 times each day. {}It's a job much different from placing criminals behind.{}"It gets overwhelming. {}You don't really get a chance to sit back and think about it but when you do its just heartbreaking. No kid wants to get shots all day. No kid wants to get his finger pricked all day. Its tough to deal with."{}At meal time, Campbell counts the number of carbohydrates in Jay's food making sure the 3 year old doesn't consume more than he's allowed. It's a delicate balancing act because slight errors could result in serious complications.{}"I just don't trust anyone else to do it," said Campbell.{}He says going from police officer to stay-at-home dad wasn't tough a decision, especially when he's greeted by a bright smile and a playful attitude on most days.{}{} {} {}{}"I don't mind doing it. I love doing it. I wish we didn't have to do it trust me. I would rather not do it but I am pleased to do it."{}Campbell has a lot of support. He says the experience doesn't make him any less of a man. he still provides for his family and is able to spend quality time with them. He says if faced with the same choice, he would do it all over again.{}Be sure to check out Michael's blog: {}{}