Forum to address concerns about Cooper Green Mercy Hospital

An old saying{} goes 'the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray'. Translated, expect the unexpected. That applies to the recent transition of Cooper Green from a hospital to an urgent care center.

Part of the problem through all of this has been communication. Congresswoman Terri Sewell says some patients have valid issues. She says she want to look out for her constituents who have been dramatically impacted.

She says transparency and lack of communication are the two biggest problems, so a another forum is needed to address the issues.

"Our forum that we had in November really told us that transparency and lack of communication are the two biggest problems," said Sewell.

She's pleased to know Jefferson County will begin an extensive communications campaign to reach Cooper Green patients, acknowledging that initial changes have caused some confusion. "I think that it's in all of our best interest to make sure that the citizens of Jefferson county are fully informed. I'm just happy that the county commission and manager are going to work with us to have another forum and in which they will participate," said Sewell.