Four recently arrested in Fayette for soliciting minors for sex

{}{} Authorities have charged four people with soliciting minors for sex recently...all during a one month period.

{}{} Fayette City Police arrested 19 year old Marcellus Redmond for allegedly luring his 13-year old victim with video of sex act texted to here phone.{} Then, police say Redmond raped the young girl.

{}{}{} Before that, Fayette County Deputies arrested Dominique Wilson, Jackson Files and William Byrd for electronically soliciting minor females for sex.

{}{}{}{}Sheriff Rodney Ingle credits parents for bringing the incidents to their attention before the predators got too far.{} "Parents, grandparents whoever the kids may live with are paying more attention to what's going on with the kids whether it be social media, face book," explained Ingle.

{}{} He says that was a good thing in the cases of Files and Byrd.{}{} The mother of victim in Files' case happened to read his interaction with here daughter on face book.

{}{} Police were called.{} They took over the girl's face book page and that's when Byrd was caught, not knowing he was actually chatting with investigators."Mr. Byrd started writing me. I contacted the parents immediately and asked them if they would like me to go forward. She gave me full access to the face book page," said Investigator Jonathan Yerby.

{}{} Police say they continued to act as if they were the 13 year old victim and arranged to meet with Byrd.{} It turns out -- he's related to the girl. "He said he had driven out of Oakman Alabama close to this young female's residence to find cell phone coverage. When I approached him to tell him he I was the one he was messaging through face book...he just hung his head."

{}{} Sheriff Ingle hopes it's a lesson to anyone else trying to solicit minors in his county. "Once we get out there and we continue to make these arrests and do these things, we're going to let them know we're working this and staying on top of it."