Four teens jailed for animal cruelty after torturing, killing goat

By LARRY MILLERABC 33/40Four teenage boys, all of them students at West Point High School, are behind bars in the Juvenile Detention Center in Cullman County. {}Police say cellphone video tipped them off of a disturbing act of animal cruelty.{}"These individuals have never owned a pet. {}That's my personal belief," said Mike Rainey, Sheriff in Cullman County.{}The boys, three of them 14 and one 15 years old, are accused of stealing a young goat from a nearby farm and killing it, but not before torturing the helpless animal.{}{}According to police, the young boys bound the goat up by its legs and dumped it into an area right off of a Cullman County bridge. {}We're told the gruesome act happened at the intersection of county road 1216 and 1218 last month,.{}"They're definitely kids I don't want my kid hanging around," said Rainey.{}Police say the boys caught the act on a cellphone and took it to school and when students got word of the video they told administrators.{}"Nothing took place at school but it was heard...over the weekend," explained Heith Yearwood, Principal of West Point High School. {}Police are not releasing video of the incident because the investigation is on-going. {}School officials are hoping this disturbing situation doesn't put their school in a negative light.{}