Fourth Bartow Classic raises money for cancer research

It's been one year since the death of an Alabama basketball legend..

The late UAB Men's Basketball Coach and Athletics Director Gene Bartow was remembered during the 4th annual Bartow Classic...{}a fundraiser for cancer research..

An exciting, yet emotional game between UAB and Memphis. Mac Heslop says{} "Coach Bartow was just somebody you can't replace, he was a great man."

It's been a year since UAB Basketball Coach, Gene Bartow, died of stomach cancer. {}A coat and tie was placed on a seat, honoring his legacy during a game aimed at raising money to help others.

Senior Associate Athletic Director, Shannon Ealy, says "Back in 2009, we set up the Gene Bartow fund for cancer research that stays here at the UAB Comprehensive Center, so it's a great opportunity to fulfill his legacy."

And the Bartow Classic helps make that happen contributing money to the fund which has raised more than 60,000 dollars. Coach Bartow's wife, Ruth, presented the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center a check Saturday night for more than 7-thousand dollars raised from ticket sales and donations.

Ed Partridge, Director of UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center says, {}"It's even more important for us to raise money because the Federal budget is suffering and we don't get as much money from the National Institute of Health we use to, so local philanthropy is critically important."

In order to develop research programs and recruit scientists while paying tribute to a man remembered as the father of UAB athletics.{}

Ealy says, {}It's our responsibility, our obligation and privilege to make sure we honor him and this legacy for all the efforts and blood, sweat and tears he's put into the program.{}{}