Free debris removal to end

{}{}{} If you look around some of the storm stricken areas in Tuscaloosa,you'll find some storm debris becoming covered with high weeds.

{}{}{} The city is about to start declaring those type properties a nuisance.

{}{}{}{}Beginning June 1, 2011, the city will end its voluntary storm debris clean up on private lots and after that its left up to the property owner.

{}{}{}{}"Since the tornado -- we've gone onto these property with a right of entry form and cleanend up the private properties free of charge utilizing our volunteer programs and FEMA grants," says Meredith Lynch with the city's Incident Command.

{}{}{}{} It means the city is return to the normal process of enforcing ordinances to keep lots properly trimmed.

{}{}{}{} Anyone lots in violation will be tagged, the owner will have seven days to comply or the city will clean the lot and place a lien on the property for reimbursement.