Free prostate screening

Men, take time to get your check up! At St. Vincent's East there will be a free prostate cancer check next Tuesday September 28th.


I know the fall is filled with football, hunting, and more football. But look around at those you love, and take time for them.

It is an easy blood test and will only take you a few minutes. Plus if you can get something for free these days, why not?

So don't delay, sign up by contacting St. Vincent's East today. It just may save your life.

Plus if you check out our latest podcast you'll see that robotic surgery makes the procedure much easier. Side effects are minimized and most men get back to normal activities after a short time.

You should sign up for this test if: you do not have a urologist. You should also sign up if you are a man over the age of 50. If you are an Aftican-American man over 40, or over 40 with a family history of prostate cancer.

To find out more you can call Dial-A-Nurse at 939-7878.