Friends Tease Taylor Swift

"The greatest trade of the year had to be the Kennedy family. They somehow traded Arnold Schwarzenegger for Taylor Swift," Paisley deadpanned. "I mean, what they got for that. . ." (Conor, 18, is the 65-year-old bodybuilder's nephew through marriage.)

Intentional or no, the cameras did not capture Swift's reaction. Instead, Underwood stopped Paisley mid-sentence and pretended to whisper new information about the 22-year-old's breakup in his ear. "What? Why don't I ever hear about these things?" Paisley asked. "I'm the last one to know."

Paisley continued to tease Swift by spoofing her No. 1 hit single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

"Are they ever gonna get back together?" the host teased.

"Never, never, never," Underwood replied. "Never ever."

Later that evening, Swift received a standing ovation after performing "Begin Again," her latest single off her fourth album, Red.