Fugitive from Kentucky arrested in Cherokee Co.

Cherokee County Sheriff's deputies are holding a fugitive, caught from Kentucky.{} Robert Coltin Caldwell, 25, is awaiting extradition to Pike County, Kentucky.{} Right now, he's in the Cherokee County Detention Center, but Monday, May 5, multiple crews were searching for the fugitive.{} {}Deputies learned Caldwell could be hiding in Cherokee County.{} He had been on the run since reportedly assaulting a Pike County deputy who was attempting to arrest Caldwell.{}U.S. Marshall's agents and deputies were trying to locate Caldwell when he ran into the woods on County Road 18.{} Officers were brought in from the Piedmont Police Department, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office and the State Bureau of Investigation.{} After they formed a perimeter and the State Trooper's helicopter took to the air, canines were able to "sniff out" Caldwell.{} We're told he surrendered to deputies without incident.