Fund set up for Vestavia Hills Good Samaritan

A fund has been set up to assist the family of the Vestavia Hills Good Samaritan. 46 year old Kelly Garner is still in UAB Hospital recovering after being found in a ravine.

Garner's family continues ask for prayers as they wait for him to stand following Friday's back surgery.

Right now, the family is in the process of establishing an account to help cover medical costs. That's why the Kelly Garner Benefit Fund has been set up at Regions Bank.

A bogus benefit fund was set up last week. The family says anyone who donated to it should receive a refund.

Garner went missing Tuesday, January 28, around 7 p.m. after helping stranded drivers on Highway 31 in the storm.

The Vestavia Hills man was found the next morning in a ravine near the Vestavia Hills Public Library. The neighbors who found him had formed their own search party to find their friend and the father of two. There was concern about his welfare because of his diabetes.

Garner was transported to St. Vincent's Hospital then UAB with a broken back and internal bleeding. He remains in serious condition.