Funding site might steer more abortion patients to Tuscaloosa

{}An online 'Pro choice' funding campaign may steer more abortion clients to Tuscaloosa.{} The Alabama Women's Center in Huntsville recently closed because its building doesn't meet new codes.{} It hopes to find a new location{} But, that leaves only three licensed abortion clinics in Alabama.{}Two of those are South in Montgomery and Mobile and the other in Tuscaloosa.

The West Alabama Women's Center in Tuscaloosa or a clinic in Nashville, Tennessee would be the closest for women in North Alabama{}wanting to end their pregnancy.{} Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates has organized a fundraiser on to help with expenses of traveling to Tuscaloosa of Tennessee for abortion services.

"It will likely increase the number of abortions here in Tuscaloosa.{} I say its incredible what people can do when they are upset and I hope more people don't go to West Alabama Women's Center," says Amy Hase with Bama Students For Life, a pro life organization on the University of Alabama Campus.

Unless the Huntsville clinic reopens, many North Alabama patients could travel to Tuscaloosa for service.{} ARRA set a goal of $5,000 dollars. As of Thursday afternoon, it had reached more than half.{} The website also says the money will go a long way in helping many young women and what's left will go toward "pregnancy tests, birth control or morning after pill".

The director of the Alabama Women's Center stresses her clinic is not{} associated with the online funding{}campaign.{} She says she expressed to the group she thought it [fundraiser] was "a bad idea" but did not elaborate.