Fungus attacks thousands of Christmas trees at Munford farm

A Christmas tree farm in Munford is dealing with a grinch. About seven weeks ago, a fungus attacked approximately 6,000 Christmas trees at Westwood Plantations located on Alabama 21 south of Oxford.

"It attacked every tree we had except for one field," said Rick West, who runs the operation with his son-in-law.

The fungus is a Seiridium canker and preys on Leyland cypress trees.

"It's a bacteria that's present all the time," added West. "The situation has to be exactly right for it to become active."

West cut down more than 1,000 trees, but the rest affected are still standing. Close to 150 trees that weren't affected are for sale, too.

Westwood Plantations sells Murray Cypress, cedar, and Sapphire Blue trees. A six-foot tree costs $36 and eight-foot trees cost $48.

Westwood Plantations is located at 130 Pinewood Drive. West can be reached at 256-591-7295.