G. W. Carver Cemetery President questioned, Givan questions "beliefs"

Friday's court hearing didn't go the way many hoped.

"I think there were more questions than answers here, today," Dr. Sandra DeJarnett said.

"I am very upset," Roscelia Burney said. "Very upset."

Families who have loved-ones buried at George Washington Carver Memorial Gardens were among the more than 100 people, Friday, who listened to President and Director, Louie Reese, while being questioned by creditors about the cemetery's financial instability that led to Chapter{}7 bankruptcy last month.

"He has no clue what was going on," Burney said.

"Now, we don't know what's going to happen," DeJarnett said. "There was a lot of finger pointing, I think, that went on. There are a lot of questions still."

Reese testified that over the last decade, income declined and expenses went up.

He admitted to having nothing to do with day-to-day operations, but did come once a week to sign pay checks.

"It concerns me the most that this gentleman holds himself out to be a CEO and president of a corporation and has no knowledge of the day-to-day activities, policies, procedures or regulations...anything with regards to the cemetery," Alabama Rep. Juandalynn Givan said.

Rep. Givan also questioned Reese. She asked if there hadn't been a shareholders or board of trustees meeting in six years - how could he know how the company was doing? Reese says his belief is that everything is accounted for. Givan then asked "Do we operate off beliefs...or actuality?"

"It is time out for these games," Givan said. "It is time out for us to stop playing games with regards to the monies and the individuals who've been impacted by Carver Cemetery."

Families like DeJarnett and Burney who want justice.

"We've got to get it fixed and get it fixed for the families," DeJarnett said.

"It's just heart breaking," Burney said. "I promise, it's heart breaking."

There are said to be more hearings in the future, but none have been scheduled so far.

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